Organised Labour has expressed reservations about some recent recruitments and promotions done by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

A statement co-signed by GRA Workers Union and GRA PSWU questioned the criteria used in promoting Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and Assistant Commissioners (ACs)

“Sadly enough, most of these newly-recruited officers were juniors/colleagues to officers currently on SRO grades.

“Lack of vacancy clauses have, over the years, been used by management to deprive qualified and hard-working officers into the positions of CROs and ACs yet less experienced/qualified ‘external persons’ could be employed to occupy such enviable positions”, the statement said.

It added: “On this score, Organised Labour demands to see the criteria and requirements used for employing and ranking these newly employed CROs & ACs.

“Until such transparency is accorded Organised Labour, we cannot guarantee the co-operation and support of staff to these new management appointees.

“This discretional precedence has the potential to derail, succession planning, demoralise staff and most importantly ‘open the gates’ for successive Managements to continue same using this occurrence”.