Broadcaster and host of the Citizen Show on Accra100.5FM, Kwabena Bobie Ansah, has indicated that he stopped going to church because he has acquired more knowledge on religion and spirituality, compared to “those preaching.”

He explained that the church has become a place “where people are brainwashed, where criminal activities go on and where people sit and plan evil.”

He told Docta Kay on the station’s drive time show, ‘Nkran Kwanso’ on Thursday, 17 September 2020 that: “Nowadays, some pastors have mafia gangs, land guards and media mafias to paint them white.”

According to Bobie Ansah, “there are pastors who lobby for people to be placed in certain positions like the military.”

He said he studied psychology and theology in school and was ordained as a pastor but did not like the idea of standing before a crowd to preach and then accept offertory.

He indicated that spirituality is solely between man and God

Bobie Ansah said that even though he does not go to church anymore, he believes in the trinity, the death of Christ and his resurrection.

“I believe He [Jesus] will come back.

“I believe there is heaven.

“I believe there is God.

“I believe there is hell,” he added.

Bobie Ansah also disclosed that he has read several religious books and experimented several religions.

He narrated his encounter with Hinduism, animism, the Bahai faith and how he later decided to settle on Christianity when he joined the Scripture Union at Mampong and started evangelism.