Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has said that he is not for or against the #FixTheCountry campaign.

He rather believes a ‘Let’s Fix the Country’ agenda, will work better for the country’s development.

According to him, fixing the country is a collective effort by both citizens and the government. That is why he finds a middle ground between ‘Fix Yourself’ and ‘Fix the Country’.

In an interview on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue on Tuesday, he told Jessica Opare-Saforo and Kwaku David that if the leaders are corrupt, it has a toll on the people so it also behoves the citizens to adhere to the regulations they bring and be responsible.

“I think it’s a collective effort because if they say let’s clean our surroundings and I decide not to do it, it has a lot of repercussions,” he said.

“So it’s a collective effort, it’s not just a matter of government fixing it. It is about we all fixing it so I am not taking a stance that we should fix ourselves, neither is it government should fix the country. It is collectively; let’s fix the country,” Van Vicker noted.

The ‘Fix the Country’ campaign is an agenda that started on social media a few months ago, with most celebrities joining the buzz.

About two weeks ago, thousands of Ghanaians hit the streets to demonstrate for the same cause.

Supporters of the ‘Fix the Country’ campaign believe that Ghanaians deserve better than they are being given by the leaders, at present.

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