The illegal harvesting, transport and export of rosewood continues despite an outright ban because the criminals violating the ban and engaged in this criminal act have no fear knowing that when found out or arrested they will walk away free, Buisa South Member of Parliament Dr Clement Apaak has said.

According to the lawmaker, “the rosewood thieves know no serious investigation will be conducted when their loot is impounded because the beneficiaries in officialdom, and or are connected to political power, will intervene.”

“This is why since the ban and so-called reinforced bans, including a recent total ban of export of rosewood, the illegal logging and transportation and export is still continuing,” Dr Apaak said in a statement. 

He stated that he is waiting to see what will happen to the owners of the five containers impounded at the Tema port in June.

He disclosed that so far no arrest occurred though the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources told Parliament the owners were uncovered.

“We are in August folks, not even an arrest. So what are the chances that anything will happen in the case of the impounded rosewood at Diare in the Savlugu District on August 12th,” he quizzed.

Dr Apaak charged the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Abu Jinapor, to show that it is not business as usual. “His reputation is on the line. If Ghanaians don’t see arrests and prosecutions of those breaking the law by harvesting, transporting and exporting or attempting to export rosewood, then it would be clear as always, the official complicity is to blame,” he added.