The People’s National Convention (PNC) has expressed worry over what it describes as the inadequate female representation as far as the nomination of metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies across the country is concerned.

Out of the 260 nominees, 38 are females whereas 222 are males.

No female was nominated in the Western and Ahafo regions, according to the list.

In the Greater Accra Region, eight females were nominated for the MMDCEs role.

But 21 males were nominated in the same region.

Reacting to the list, the PNC, in a statement, stated: “Article 35 (6b) of the Constitution of Ghana instructs that gender balance is ensured in the recruitment and appointment to public offices”.

“It is, therefore, inappropriate for the female gender to constitute approximately 15% (38 out of 260) in the latest nomination of MMDCEs.”

“Is this not in clear violation of the letter and spirit of the 1992 Constitution of our country?” the PNC quizzed.

The party said the inadequate women representation is “very worrying, since this unfair treatment meted out to the female gender is becoming the norm.”

The PNC further noted that female representation in the appointment of MMDCEs has been hovering around the same percentage, 15%, for a long time, stressing that it is not a good record for a country that has been touted as a beacon of democracy and good governance in sub-Sahara Africa.

The PNC reiterated that women constitute the majority of Ghana’s population and, as such, appointing a few of them for “this very important position of MMDCEs” cannot be in line with the dictates of the Constitution.

The party is, thus, calling on President Nana Akufo-Addo to reconsider his nomination of the MMDCEs for the good of the country.

“We assure fellow Ghanaians that a future PNC government would pass the Affirmative Action Bill to ensure adequate representation of women in all appointed positions,” the PNC statement signed by its General Secretary Janet Asana Nabla said.

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