Mminority Chief Whip Muntaka Mubarak

Opposition MP Muntaka Mubarak has denied ever getting any government contract from fellow lawmaker Mathew Opoku Prempeh (Napo) of the governing New Patriotic Party as alleged by broadcaster Kevin Taylor of Loud Silence Media.

The Asawase MP, who is currently holidaying in the US, said Mr Taylor has consistently levelled false accusations against him in his latest tirades on social media and, thus, found it necessary to respond.

“Let me start by saying that it’s just too unfortunate that I’m forced to come on Facebook Live to respond to a bigot – somebody who hates our country but pretends to love it – whose stock-in-trade is just to malign innocent persons with lies and he tells the lies with so much confidence that some gullible people tend to believe him”, the Minority Chief Whip said.

“Everything that I’m going to say, I swear by the God that created me that I’m saying what I know is the truth not because I want to entertain someone like Kevin Taylor but because of the innocent 1,001 gullible people across the globe, who are finding it very difficult to read between the thin line to know who is speaking the truth and who is lying”, the National Democratic Congress lawmaker said.

Debunking the contract-cutting claims, Mr Mubarak said: “Kevin Tayor, let me tell you: whoever told you that I’ve met K.K. Sarpong and Napo – I can’t remember the last time we spoke since parliament went on recess”.

“Yes, we are brothers, we grew up together, we attended the same school, his father was like a father to me but I challenge you: please, you claim that he has given me a contract; I challenge you to provide any contract that I, Muntaka, received from Napo”.

“If you care to know, all the classroom blocks that MPs fight for during the GETFund formula, trying to push to their constituency, not even one has been built throughout the tenure of Napo as MP because when I get it and I take it to the district, the district frustrates it and I can mention them to you…”, Mr Mubarak said.

He added: “So, I challenge you to provide contracts that I got from Napo and did so that you can show where they were and how I benefitted from Napo”.

“… So, you see, that’s a palpable lie; absolute lies from you. You see, you are not decent. Decent people, when they hear things, they try to crosscheck but because you are not decent and you’re so raw, you’re so naïve about the things that we do, you don’t even bother yourself”, Mr Mubarak observed.

“If I were you, when people were telling you: ‘Oh, they are cutting contract, they are shortchanging all of us, they are sitting in parliament and not doing anything, what I’ll do is that I’ll go and look for the hansard of parliament on all the things that happened and see the debate and see what everybody said”, he added.


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