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There was interruption in power distribution in parts of the country on Monday night

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has attributed the disruption in power supply experienced by consumers on the night of Monday, 8 November 2021, to significant disturbances experienced in the power system.

The blackout was for several hours.

A statement issued by GRIDCo on Tuesday, 9 November 2021, said “all” generating units within the Aboadze enclave and Bui Power Authority tripped, resulting in outages in parts of Accra, the western, middle, and northern parts of the country.

It continued: “At 04:38GMT on Tuesday, 9 November 2021, generating units at Aboadze and Bui were restored, supplying electricity to all major Bulk Supply Points (BSPs)”.

“At 04:50GMT on Tuesday, 9 November 2021, in the process of restoring the remaining BSPs, a second disturbance occurred, resulting in the loss of generating units at Aboadze Enclave and Bui”.

“This led to another interruption of electricity supply to several areas of Accra, the Western, Middle, and Northern parts of the country.”

GRIDCo, however, noted that the power supply chain has restored power to all the BSPs.

It also apologised for “any inconvenience caused.”