The police in Accra, on Monday, 6 December 2021, arrested 22 suspects for various offences such as rioting, causing damage and blocking public roads within the Accra Metropolis during the nationwide sit-down strike by commercial drivers.

According to the police, the suspects took advantage of the sit-down strike to disturb the public peace at Anyaa, Sowutuom and Amasaman.

All 22 suspects will be put before court today, Tuesday, 7 December 2021.

Some commercial drivers in parts of Accra, on Monday morning, began a sit-down strike in protest against the numerous levies and taxes imposed on petroleum products by the government, resulting in an increase in fuel prices.

Some GPRTU station officers blocked some roads with car tyres and other metallic weapons to prevent the passage of loaded commercial vehicles.

The situation resulted in hot verbal exchanges and a near-fisticuff between the station officers and the passengers.

The strike was suspended later in the day after the presidency invited the leadership of striking commercial drivers for a talk.

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