2024 Election: We’ll provide accurate figures, information – EC

In the run-up to the December polls, the Electoral Commission (EC) has reiterated its commitment to delivering precise data.

The Election Commission (EC) acknowledged and fixed certain infographics after receiving harsh criticism for data inaccuracies that were released during the ongoing limited voter registration drive. This ensured that the overall numbers of registered voters were unaffected.

Speaking at an engagement with the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and other stakeholders, Chairperson Jean Mensah urged the public to maintain confidence in the Commission.

“Whilst I do not hold brief for the team, because they were relying on Coral Draw to come up with these pie charts and graphs and so on, they were doing it manually. And so what we have done is go back to the drawing board and use Excel.

“And so we may not have those colourful graphs, and the focus should not be on that because the application that was being used was not able to do accurate tabulations, so you will find that people had to do it manually.

“So the Coral Draw has been abandoned, and Excel has been applied. But again, I say this because we are a listening Commission and intend to build trust, you come back and let the people know what went wrong and what has been done.”

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