All is set for All White Cruise Party 2024 in New York on July 5

All is set for the much-anticipated 10th annual All White Cruise party 2024 slated for Friday July 5, in New York, the United States of America.

The programme is being organized by Adinkra Multimedia, USA and LolliCash, a Wallet and Payment system leading money transmitting payment technology which helps in sending and receiving of money from one country to another. The event is sponsored by Diaspora Date.

A cool $100 is being charged for Single and $170 for Couple. Boarding time is 11pm and Departure time is 12am.

The event which promises to be a thrilling experience will have a mix of veteran hiplife artists and the current generation of artists who are pushing beyond limits to put Ghana music on a higher pedestal.

This year’s event features an impressive array of respected and great artists including, Ex-Doe of Davi mede kuku fame, Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame, Praye (Choirmaster), Pope Skinny, and Famaye.

Guests are expected to be served with some of the old hiplife bangers which were released in the late 90s to 2000s which will see patrons hitting the dance floor. This event will definitely bring back nostalgic feeling.

It is expected to attract a huge number of people who will take a break from their busy work schedule to catch some fun.

It promises to be an experience never to forget with such an array of talent assembled under one roof.

Source: Adinkraradio.com

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