Drivers will increase fares again if fuel prices go up – True Drivers Union

The Public Relations Officer of the True Drivers Union, Yaw Barima says its members will not hesitate to increase transport fares if fuel prices are increased again.

According to him, the drivers are in business and cannot afford to incur loses by not increasing transport fares when fuel which is the main ingredient in their business sees a hike in price.

Touching on the government’s directive to have drivers who increase fares outside the existing fares arrested, Yaw Barima said government issued an empty threat.

He said, that it why their members went ahead and called the bluff of the Ministry by charging new fares few days after the fuel prices were increased.

Yaw Barima emphasized that he knew from the onset that the directive will not work as the Ministry is not clothed with any power to cause driver arrest under such circumstances.

“We relied on our on authority to increase the transport fares because the government is not being truthful to the people. When the government announced that the Police arrest us, we knew the threat was empty. Our lawyers also informed us that the government has no power under the law to cause our arrest because there’s no law mandating the government to regulate or fix transport fares. The Police had no basis to arrest us, that is why until now, there’s no report that a driver has been arrested for increasing transport fare.”


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