GFA sets up ad hoc c’ttee to assess football’s GDP contribution

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has appointed a three-man ad hoc Committee to work with two Consultants to put together a strategic business plan for the federation and also a document on the contribution of football to Ghana’s GDP.

The committee is chaired by Dr. Ransford Abbey with George Amoakoh and Frederick Acheampong serving as members.

The three Council members will work closely with the two consultants to ensure the completion of the projects and advise the Executive Council on an execution plan.

The first consultant, Mr. Ben Gustave Barth, has many years’ experience in management consulting, investment banking and commercial banking.

He is expected to work with the Committee to produce a four-year strategic business plan for the federation, while Mr. Paul Rex Danquah, a Management Consultant with a background in research and public analysis, will document football’s contribution to Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The contribution of football to the economy of Ghana is an area that has not been documented in the past, but the committee will work with the consultant to give the football industry a fair idea of how much the sector contributes to Ghana’s economy on annual basis.

The other consultant is expected to advise the GFA on a four-year business development plan typically focused on the federation’s short- to mid-term objectives with an outlook on the long-term goals of the association and the strategies for achieving them.

The Committee and the two consultants have three months to submit their first draft to the Executive Council.

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