‘I am richer than you, so listen to me’ – Kwasi Aboagye tells Shatta Wale

Veteran journalist and host of the entertainment review show on Peace FM, Kwasi Aboagye, has sent a bold message to Shatta Wale.

According to him; he is richer than the self-acclaimed dancehall king, and therefore the singer must heed his counsel.

On his show, Kwasi Aboagye mentioned that Shatta Wale has repeatedly stated that only people richer than him should and can advise him.

On that note, Kwasi Aboagye stated categorically that he is richer and more educated than the singer; and by Shatta Wale’s criteria; he has earned the right to advise him.

He said, “I have words of advice for Shatta Wale; and he must listen whether he likes it or not. This is because I have heard Shatta Wale on numerous occasions say that you cannot advise him if you are not richer than him.

“Well; I am richer than him, so I will advise him. I am older than him, more educated and knowledgeable, have more children than him; and take care of more people than him, so I have earned the right to advise him.”

The veteran journalist was addressing the apparent dispute between Shatta Wale and his mother.
According to her, her son, Shatta Wale, has abandoned and failed to care for her for close to a decade.

Reacting to the situation on his show, Kwasi Aboagye cautioned the Dancehall singer against dishonoring his parents.

He supported his advice with a Bible quote that preaches that children should honor their parents if they wish for long lives on earth.

“No matter what has happened between you and your mother, it is crucial to respect and honor your parents. The Bible in Ephesians 6 verse 1:4 talks about how honoring one’s parents can prolong our lives on earth,” Kwasi Aboagye said on his show.


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