I can’t endorse any betting company in Ghana, I’ve children looking up to me – Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has said he will not use his brand to endorse betting companies in Ghana although he needs their money.

The comedian, who attributed his staying away from endorsing betting companies to the huge following he has from children, was speaking on Accra100.5FM’s Ayeeko Ayeeko show on Wednesday, 5 August 2020.

Funny Face, who holds himself up as the children’s president told show host Nana Romeo that: “I haven’t [endorsed any betting company]. Someone called me to endorse one but I didn’t do it.”

The comedian reiterated his plans to set up a world-class children’s park in Ghana and noted that his brand will not associate with betting companies, alcohol or condom.

Funny Face said: “For betting, I have a following from children. I can’t bet. Betting companies in Ghana, if I get your money, I like, but I can’t endorse you. Alcohol, condom, I can’t do it, betting I can’t do it but I need your money. My brand will not endorse any of those products. Condom, alcohol, betting, I can’t do it but I need your money”.

He added: “If they bring money that I should advertise betting, I won’t do it but if they bring money that Yaw Boateng, we‘re assisting you to construct a children’s park, Funny World, to help Ghanaian children, I’ll take it.” 

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