I took a break because I was trying to find my sound – Afrobeat songstress Pam 

Pam, Ghanaian/US-based Afro-Beats Songstress has given reasons why she was absent from the music scene for a while.

Speaking to Host, MC Ogee on New York-based Adinkra Radio Entertainment show, the gifted musician said there was a brief hiatus to enable her find the sound that perfectly represents who she is.

“I took a little bit of a break because I was trying to find my sound. I want my sound to be representative of me. My sound can’t be fully Twi, it can’t be fully English either. It has to be international sound because I speak Spanish to some level so I want to add some Spanish to my music.”

“Some times, you need to take a break to re-focus and rebalance. This industry is very challenging, there are so many players and so many things. So sometimes in order to focus, you have to step back and then find your road. You need advice from so many people and they qualify to give advice because of their experience. But I have to find out if the advice is for me, does it represent me? Because we can write a whole twi song, but I know I can’t sing all the Twi words the way it is supposed to. The was a song that was written in English and somebody transcribed it into Twi but I realized I couldn’t sing all of the Twi words. Even though I wrote it in English, it couldn’t be sang it Twi. So, I just took a step back,” she added.

The “Makoma” singer who left Ghana at a tender age of 6 years has a song with local Ghanaian musician Article Wan.

Source: Adinkraradio.com

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