Join me in another Dumsor vigil, I can’t do it alone – Yvonne Nelson rallies Ghanaians

Actress Yvonne Nelson is rallying Ghanaians to join her for another #DumsorMustStop vigil in response to the erratic power supply that has plagued Ghana in recent weeks. In a statement on her social media handles, she expressed concern over the return of the power outages, commonly referred to as “dumsor,” which she believes threatens the country’s progress and development.

“In light of these troubling developments, I have taken to social media to reach out to Imani Ghana, who supported the initial DumsorMustStop Campaign, to explore the possibility of organizing another vigil. We must come together once again to demand accountability and action from our leaders,” Yvonne Nelson wrote.

“I, along with the support of Imani Ghana’s Kofi Bentil, Prince David Osei, D Black, Van Vicker, Efya, Sarkodie, Barima Sidney and DKB among others spearheaded the DumsorMustStop Campaign, aimed at holding our leaders accountable for the inadequate electricity supply plaguing our nation.”

“I am aware that since the 2015 campaign, some individuals including Kofi Bentil who supported us on the legal front from IMANI Ghana have now aligned themselves with the current government. However, the fight against Dumsor transcends political affiliations, and we must unite as Ghanaians to address this issue.”

“I have reached out to key individuals from IMANI Ghana, including Kofi Bentil and Franklyn Cudjoe via WhatsApp text, but I am yet to receive a response regarding their interest in supporting another vigil,” the actress noted.

The actress appealed to all Ghanaians, organizations, and legal professionals willing to join her in the campaign to address the current power crisis. She emphasized that the effort cannot succeed solely on her own and called for lawyers, volunteers, and others to help plan and execute the vigil.

“Together, we can make our voices heard and compel our leaders to prioritise the needs of the Ghanaian people. Let us unite in our pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future for our nation. Thank you!”

While government officials have assured the public that the energy crisis will soon be resolved, many Ghanaians remain sceptical. The Ministry of Energy has yet to publish an official timetable to keep consumers informed about power availability, despite widespread calls for one.

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