Look beyond Ghana – David Ocsar to Ghanaian artists

Ghanaian comic star, reggae artiste, instrumentalist and farmer, David Oscar, has urged Ghanaian artists to aspire for global recognition and not just limit themselves to Ghana alone.

He told Prince Benjamin on the Class Drive on Wednesday 15th July 2020 that there are a lot of opportunity outside Ghana which the local artists can take advantage of, hence to the need to broaden their horizon.

“We are still in the Stone Age, aren’t we? Thankfully we are gave social media in our day. The same thing that the likes of Nana Kwame Ampadu and all these artists of times past didn’t have.

“So I will say to young artists in this market that don’t look too much to Ghana, the world is bigger than Ghana.

“Do your work ad target the word? If you are diligent enough and you are patient enough you can make some inroads,” he said.

David Oscar new song which he is promoting is called “Frenemies” featuring Leety who also produced the record.

Reacting to an issue raised on the show regarding polygamy, he said : “In my society as I have seen, people frown on people with multiple women however, when the man in question somehow happens to be rich, it’s a different story and they will give you references now.

“So shouldn’t the conversation be that young men should aspire to make money so that you can support a lot of more of our sisters?

“Because if you look at the numbers, as it stands, I think that in Ghana the women are more than the men. That means if we are to split I will get like 12 women.”

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