NSA denies renting out Borteyman Sports Complex for church program

The National Sports Authority (NSA) has categorically denied reports that it handed out the Borteyman Sports Complex for a church program.

A Journalist, Fentuo Tahiru Fentuo shared on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, suggesting that the newly constructed Borteyman Sports Complex was handed out for a church program.

A statement signed by Majeed Bawa, Venue Manager of the Borteyman Sports Complex, sought to set the record straight based on the facts.

“A letter sent to us stated that the SRC of the University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, Valley View University, and other institutions requested a special visitation to the Borteyman Sports Complex as part of a tour of the newest attraction in Accra.”

“They intended to tour the facilities at the venue. A church was supposed to provide transportation for the students, and subsequently, a Deputy Minister was scheduled to give them a lecture on leadership. Therefore, they were granted access to the hall for this purpose. On the day of the visit, the facility had just hosted a two-day badminton competition, and the equipment was still in place. The students entered the hall and sat down for the lecture from the Deputy Minister, who had not yet arrived.”

“As the Venue Manager, I was present at the facility and noticed a church banner in the hall. The explanation provided was that the church facilitated the trip, hence the presence of the banners.”

Majeed Bawa expressed surprise about reports of a church program being held, as the attendees included people from other faiths present at the venue.

“It is important to note that there were many Muslim students in attendance, some of whom were wearing hijabs. It is therefore surprising and unfortunate that stories have emerged suggesting the facility was handed out for a church program. There is a statement from the University of Ghana SRC apologizing to the Muslim students who were part of this tour, clarifying that at no point was it intended for a church program.”

The NSA apologized for any confusion and distress these misreports may have caused and assured the public that the Borteyman Sports Complex remains a facility dedicated to serving the diverse needs of the Ghanaian community.


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