Spiritual issues can make you poor even though you’re living abroad – CEO of Healing Hands Hut

The Chief Executive Officer of Healing Hands Hut, Rev. Dr. Prince Yeboah has revealed that there are certain spiritual attacks that could render a Ghanaian resident abroad poor, despite living and working hard in a country that has a thriving economy.

It is an undeniable fact that Ghanaians who reside and work abroad are relatively well to do, than most of those living in Ghana because of the strong economy of those countries.

However, Rev. Dr. Prince Yeboah, an experienced spiritualist in an interview with Daakyehene Ofosu Agyemang on New York-based Adinkra Radio said although this is true, one can be living in Europe or America and still be poor because one’s money could be withdrawn spiritually through spiritual attacks. 

“The reason why money doesn’t stay in the hands of some people is that when they sleep, some spirits come to attack them. There are people who feed others while they are sleeping. They working so hard but when they go to sleep, they will be feeding other people. They will be sharing their money. It is not always the case that when you dream and you are eating it means you have been afflicted with some disease or illness.”

Rev. Dr. Prince Yeboah added: “Sometimes, the food you will be eating is herbs which is curing you. It is a way of healing the body. So if you take in those foods, they flush your system. Again, there are others who after working physically will use the money they earn to feed others spiritually. Physically you will have the money with you but you will not know what you do with it and it but it will finish so quickly. Because there are some spirits working on you, you will finish sharing the money before you realize that you have no money left on you. If this happens, one will have to do certain spiritual things to stop it.”

Dr. Prince Yeboah offers services including Mental Peace and Good Health, Guidance and insights about specific issues relating to spiritualty, Energy Healing Advice and Other Spiritual issues.

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