You’ll be cursed if you don’t stop uploading my songs on YouTube – Ernest Opoku warns public

Popular Ghanaian Gospel musician Ernest Opoku, has warned persons making money from his sweat and toil by uploading his songs on YouTube to stop the practice or they will be inflicted with curses.

According to him, some unscrupulous people have uploaded many of his hit songs on  YouTube and are making good money while he the owner of the songs receives no proceeds.

In an interview with New York-based Adinkra Radio, Ernest Opoku the ‘Onyame Tease’ hitmaker said he cannot continue to allow others to make money from his intellectual property.

“YouTube has been around for some years, but we didn’t know how to use it and make money. Some people have uploaded my earlier songs which were a hit on YouTube and they are making money at my expense. I am using this opportunity to warn them to desist from such practice. It is my my property, those are my songs but I am not the one who uploaded them and so I don’t get any money from those songs published on YouTube.”

He added: “Whoever is uploading my songs onto YouTube should stop that, otherwise he or she will be inflicted with curses. That is the truth and I’m serious about that. Someone has gone through a lot to put together a song, and you take the song and the video and put it on YouTube and making money when the owner of the song is not getting a dime. If people continue to do this they will have curses being rained on them. Whoever has taken any of my songs and uploaded it on YouTube should call me so that I lay my hands on him or her and bless the person, otherwise if I speak out of pain against them what will befall them will not be good. Whatever I say against them will have an impact on their lives. This is what people do to musicians and then others will say that musicians after singing for many years are struggling in life during their old age because they didn’t plan well, but that is not the case.”

Source: Adinkraradio.com

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