Your Zoom NEC meeting proposal not workable – PNC youth wing to Edward Mahama

The Youth Wing of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has called on the 2016 flag bearer and leader of the party, Dr Edward Mahama, to settle matters with the leadership of the party in order to allow a National Executives Committee (NEC) meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 18 August 2020 to take place.

The PNC Youth Wing has also threatened to seek other avenues to ensure the progress of the party, should the leadership fail to hold the scheduled meeting tomorrow.  

In a statement by the Youth Wing of the PNC signed by its Youth Organiser Awudu Ishaq, the youth expressed shock at “the antics of Dr Edward Mahama, the leader of the party to keep a rather self-serving stranglehold” on the party.

According to the PNC Youth Wing, “from all indications, the party is far behind time as far as its reorganisation and preparations for the 2020 elections are concerned, as some constituency and regional conferences are yet to be conducted to pave way for the National Congress at which event National Executives and a flag bearer would be elected

The youth wing reiterated that it came to them “as a shock that Dr Edward Mahama is somewhat against the decision by the leadership of the party to hold a NEC meeting scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday, 18 August 2020 but rather suggesting a Zoom conference for the meeting.”

The youth wing continued: “Considering the importance and gravity of the issues to be discussed at the meeting, which include modalities for regional conferences and the national congress such as the opening and closing of nominations, filing fees and the venues and dates for the conferences” it doesn’t think that a “Zoom conference would be able to serve the purpose.”

It further continued: “Besides, there are a number of regional chairmen and other NEC members who are not technologically-savvy and do not own smart devices. In fact, the expected total NEC capacity of 43 does not break COVID-19 protocols although the President has even lifted the restriction on conferences.”

It, therefore, called on Dr Edward Mahama “to settle matters with the leadership of the party, especially the national chairman and general secretary to pave the way for the intended NEC meeting as scheduled, to chart a clear path for the PNC going into the 2020 elections”.

The youth wing added: “We believe that the PNC has what it takes to meet the aspirations of the ordinary masses of Ghana”.

However, the youth wing emphasised that “should leadership fail to hold this all important NEC meeting”, it “would be compelled to seek other avenues in charting a new path for the PNC and carrying along the grassroots of the party.”

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