I will save Shatta Wale over my biological father when both are in danger – DJ Faddah Faddah

A Panelist on New York-based Adinkra Radio Entertainment show, DJ Faddah Faddah shocked listeners and show Host MC Ogee on Father’s Day, when he declared that he’ll choose to save Dancehall Musician Shatta Wale over his (Faddah’s) biological father, should the two individuals find themselves in harm’s way. 

According to him, he adores the award-winning musician and has also learnt a lot from him.

“I love that man, period. There’s no two ways about it. Shatta Wale didn’t birth me but I can relate to him. If he’s in pain, I feel it, if he’s happy I feel it. If a river is washing away Shatta Wale and my biological father and I have to save one, I will save Shatta Wale over my father any day. I will take Shatta Wale out of the river with no hesitation. I have done a lot to support Shatta and I will continue doing it.”

Fada, however, disclosed that he does not know his father and only knows some men who raised him, hence those are the fathers that he celebrates on Father’s Day.

He further commended Shatta Wale for the support he offered to the Buz Stop Boys, a local volunteer cleaning group, in Alajo, Accra.

“I want to say Happy Father’s Day to Shatta Wale. What that guy has done, I’ve never seen anyone in Ghana doing that. He has earned my massive respect for that donation. Within few minutes he was able to raise GH¢30,000. Because he was the one who made the appeal for support, I contributed cash. It has never happened in the history of Ghana. We his followers recognize that he’s doing a great job and we’ll continue to offer him the needed support.”

Source: Adinkraradio.com

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